Was Your Roof Damaged in a Storm?

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Let’s face it, severe weather is not uncommon in Central New York. When severe weather patterns hit, your roof keeps your home and family safe, but sometimes endures damage in doing so. If your roof has damaged flashing, fascia, or crickets, the roofing experts at Blue Collar Roofers can help. We provide roof repairs for all types of roof designs. We provide roof repair services for all kinds of roof designs in Syracuse, NY and surrounding areas.

Some roofing companies will only replace the damaged roof in its entirety, but we do things differently at Blue Collar Roofers. We believe in quality roofing solutions that are affordable and meet the rigorous quality standards of Blue Collar Roofers. Our roofing experts will inspect the design of your current roof and carefully replace the individually damaged pieces to keep the roofing system intact to make sure it continues to protect your home. 

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3 reasons to repair your flashing

Minor damage to your flashing may not seem like an immediate concern, but waiting to schedule your roof repair services could have costly consequences. Any roof damage puts the integrity of the roofing system in jeopardy and should be addressed by qualified roofing experts immediately because…

  1. Damage can spread and get worse, leading to more expensive repairs
  2. Compromised flashing can let water into your home, damaging your interior
  3. Unaddressed storm damage might not be covered by insurance later on

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