About Us

Blue Collar Roofers | Syracuse, NY

Roofing systems are complicated and most homeowners rely on roofing companies to be honest and trustworthy in their dealings, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. More often than not, homeowners are asked to sign a contract that contains language they do not understand and are provided with warranties that are voided at the time of installation due to faulty work. When these roofing companies are called to service these flaws, homeowners are given the runaround and often left with a costly repair bill or need to pay high prices to replace a roofing system long before they were promised. We at Blue Collar Roofers strive to restore the faith of homeowners by providing education that homeowners can understand before asking them to sign a contract. Our dedicated sales team will spend the time necessary to ensure that the homeowner is comfortable with the process, materials, and warranties. We make every effort to meet the needs of the homeowner so that they are satisfied with the outcome of their project.

Blue Collar Roofers was started by two people who were looking to disrupt the roofing industry by raising the industry standards. We spend the time educating ourselves on changes to the roofing industry and implementing the necessary changes to our practice to ensure that every roofing system we install meets our rigorous quality standards and adheres to the installation requirements to keep the warranty intact. Blue Collar Roofers utilizes state of the art technology to measure roofs and calculate expenses to provide the most accurate upfront quote possible. This minimizes the risk that additional charges will be added at the expense of the homeowner. Blue Collar Roofers stands by their work 100% and offers a standard 5-year workmanship guarantee on all residential roofing jobs. We stand behind our work because our quality standards exceed that of traditional roofing companies in the area and we never subcontract our work. When you agree to join the Blue Collar family, you can rest assured that our expert roofing specialists will be on the job.

Blue Collar Roofers has partnered with GAF, the nation's leader in quality shingles and roofing supplies, to ensure that the products we use meet the strict quality standards. GAF shingles are carefully crafted to meet stringent durability standards to hold up in harsh weather conditions. Their unique "strike zone" help roof installer maximize their accuracy of nail applications and minimize errant nail penetrations. Industry studies have shown that this technology allows 999 out of every 1000 nails used are properly placed.

Blue Collar Roofers understands that quality roofing can be expensive and not all homeowners can afford to pay cash to replace their roof. In an effort to avoid forcing homeowners from having to choose a roofing company with lower quality standards, we have partnered with lenders that allow us to offer competitive financing that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of all homeowners. By offering this, homeowners are able to replace their roofing system with quality craftsmanship, quality products, and industry-leading warranties.

While Blue Collar Roofers is a roofing company by trade, we understand that we are in the people business. We treat every homeowner with respect and strive to develop a plan to meet all your needs. When you work with Blue Collar, we treat you like family because that is what you are. Whether you choose to use Blue Collar Roofers as your installer, we will leave you a list of essential questions that every roofing company should be able to answer for you before you commit to using their service. We provide this because of our core belief that homeowners should be empowered to make the most educated decision when selecting a contractor to work on their home.